Hi, I am Jerry and I created Radio By XNUG. Radio By XNUG came about from another project called "XNUG Music player", this is an all singing and dancing music player, it has growen to be a huge project with all the functionality needed for people who really love music, (you name it has it).

One day I was listening to the radio whilst developing the "XNUG music player" internet radio feature and while the DJ was speaking I realised why radio is still relevant today despite spotify, tidal and other streaming services. During user testing of the "XNUG music player" with a number of people I felt it just had too many features and was complicated to use. So whist sitting in a café thinking (more like sulking) about what should be done, I came up with the idea of striping it all back to the minimum and creating the XNUG Radio APP, hence the birth of Radio By XNUG

So what is Radio By XNUG, it is a complete solution, a white label Radio App which provides the means to communicate directly with a radio stations listeners, and a platform to be able to push targeted advertising to those listeners.

About the Radio player

A white label Internet Radio player that has been bulit for Android and IOS.


Anonymised usage data is used to analyse usage patterns.


Tageted Ad banners within the application